We retain that the most important ingredient in the frozen yogurt business is the product. Our products were developed with a heavy focus on healthy living, delightful taste and enjoying life.

Frozen Yogurt Supplier

Looking for and finding suppliers for your frozen yogurt business might seem like a cinch. Sure, there are lots of them online, various frozen yogurt franchise companies offering an assortment of products and services. The real challenge is finding one that will meet your business’ needs without putting a hulking dent in your capital.

Primarily, you have to identify what your market wants. Are you in an area where there would be more of a demand, or any at all for that matter, for non-fat or low fat frozen yogurt? Would your prospective customers prefer the natural or the assortment of flavors—would they want more fruit based flavors for that matter. Should your mix be more on the tart or the sweet? Also, how many varieties of the yogurt base should you offer and what concentration of toppings should you focus on—more on the fresh, health-conscious side of things or the sweet, candy, cookie, sugary opposite? This is where your interest in the product, frozen yogurt will play a big part; here, you can decide which particulars might appeal to your market based on your taste, observations, and market study. Streamlining your selection will also help you with your hunt for suppliers as well and define the needs of your business for the long term.

These are some of the things Yogurt In Love has learned from years of experience and study. After developing relationships with several vendors of frozen yogurt business supplies, we have learned to make and source only the highest quality products ourselves. From various frozen yogurt business equipment to premium quality mixes running the gamut: tart, non-fat, low fat, standard flavor, and many more.

Yogurt In Love is also a one-stop frozen yogurt business provider; we can’t very well let all our resources go to waste now can we? Having an access to a wide range of supplies such as our proprietary frozen yogurt machines; yogurt base powder; assorted flavoring; pre-packed toppings; serving cups, spoons, and lids; and sanitizing and cleaning agents just makes it all so much easier.

What we have going for us: premium frozen yogurt mix, proprietary frozen yogurt machine technology, lowest price on supplies (cups, spoons, napkins), all on a fast and dependable supply chain, Yogurt In Love is unique and second to none in the frozen yogurt supplier market.

To find out more about our products, explore our site further or send us an email through our contact us page, or sign up for our free 7-part mini-course on opening a frozen yogurt business. Whether you’re thinking of opening a small frozen yogurt stand or a large multi-store frozen yogurt empire, our 7-part mini-course has some valuable free information for you.