Changing the Game in Frozen Yogurt, and Franchising – What is the big deal with Yogurt In Love anyway?

At Yogurt In Love, we are excited about frozen yogurt, and it shows. Our frozen yogurt is second to none in taste and quality, with certified live and active cultures, fresh ingredients, and fruit puree flavorings. Our toppings are always fresh, and we never use frozen or canned fruit like some of the others…

Our main priority is the customer experience, which is very much determined by the taste of the product, but also includes the design of our shops and the resultant atmosphere that is created. Our design is based on simple elegance that will be fun for the whole family to come in and enjoy, where each person can create a custom dessert masterpiece of his or her own imaginings.

Due to our extreme success with same store sales and sales growth with new stores, Yogurt In Love has now in 2012 to franchise where select, like- minded individuals can partner in our recipe for success and have fun while serving up smiles and making profits.

We are offering extremely appealing packages in a billion dollar industry that is experiencing high growth. If you are interested in becoming a Yogurt In Love franchisee, click below to see some of our franchise packages.

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